PCMag.com recommends iPod Touch Owners Bypass OS 3.0 Upgrade

PC Mag.com recently ran the iPod Touch through a battery performance test documenting the performance of OS 2.2 versus  OS 3.0 equipped versions. They also compared the results with those for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. See the results here.

The performance test shows the main performance difference to be in JavaScript performance with the OS 3.0 iPod Touch tripling the speed of the OS 2.2 version. However, despite the much faster JavaScript performance, web pages loaded slightly slower in OS 3.0 than in 2.2. Also, the new OS added a good chunk of time to startup. With this information, PC Mag.com recommends that iPod Touch users who want faster performance should bypass the OS 3.0 upgrade.

As interesting as the PC Mag testing and recommendation are, what is almost as interesting are the comments from users who think the recommendation to hold off on the upgrade is absurd.  Check out a few comments below:

“Bluetooth, copy/paste, & a tripled javascript performance and you’re worried about 10 seconds of boot up, here’s a tip don’t restart your ipod touch until you have 29 seconds of free time.” – commenlogic

“With differences as little as a second, how did you measure this? I don’t see how the difference can’t be summed up by human error if not done by some sort of software review. I rarely boot up my iPod. The last time I did was to install the 3.0 upgrade and before that it was almost 2 or 3 months. One feature that speeds things up on my end that isn’t discussed is the autofill feature. That makes surfing much faster and well worth the money.” – MarcZero


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