Wish List for Next Gen iPod Touch

Now that people have had time to get acclimated with the new features offered with the iPhone 3GS, attention has been shifted to the next generation iPod touch and what is expected in the next upgrade to keep Apple king of the MP3 players.

Mirror.co.uk has provided their wish list as “must-haves” for the next gen iPod touch.

1) Super fast processor and graphics – The iPod touch is quickly becoming as much a portable games console as it is an MP3 player. A “turbo charged” processor similar to that in the iPhone 3GS will help keep the iPod touch fun.

2) Camera – It just makes sense.

3) Compass – Including a compass will avoid further split in which Apps will run on which new hardware

4) Increased Storage – The iPod touch has always been a step ahead of the iPhone when it comes to storage. At the very least, Apple should outfit it with a 64GB hard drive.

5) High def – The screen would be too small to see the full benefits of the extra pixels in a high def signal, but Zune is already stretching out to HD, so Apple should have plans to keep up. Maybe they could add an HDMI out as well to make the iPod touch a true portable pocket cinema.

Do you own an iPod touch?  How’s it working for you?  Contact PDASmart.com with any repair needs.


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