Apple in talks with Verizon

Apple is in talks with Verizon, but iPhone users need not get too excited. The two companies are actually in talks to develop two iPhone-like handhelds that could be unveiled as early as this year. One handheld device is a smaller, less expensive calling device described as an “iPhone lite.” The other device is a media pad that would allow users to view photos, watch hi-def videos, listen to music and place calls over a WiFi connection.

What do these talks between Apple and Verizon mean for AT&T?  The partnership between Apple and AT&T are due to end next year and it has been reported that the two have been in talks to extend the partnership. If Apple and Verizon end up not striking a deal, the talks between them should, at the least, increase pressure on AT&T to enter into an agreement that is more favorable for Apple.

So, whether this is all just a strategic effort to give Apple the upper hand in their talks with AT&T or if a true partnership with Verizon is on the horizon, time will only tell. For more information on the media pad and “iPhone lite”, click here.


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