Difference between iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G – the details

Hold the iPhone 3GS next to the iPhone 3G and you won’t see a difference. It’s inside where all the changes have taken place. There’s a “beefed-up” CPU, new internal compass, larger hard drives, improved optics for its camera and new video camera. Coinciding with the release of the 3GS was the launch of the iPhone OS 3.0 which is a major jump from previous versions of the system software.

Early in the year as people were anticipating the new iPhone release, there were hopes of 4G network speeds and expectations of a “new look” to distinguish it from its predecessor. The “newness” of the 3GS is all on the inside. Apple used this model not to reinvent the wheel, but to bolster the capabilities of the iPhone that initially drew people to the iPhone in the first place.

Joshua Topolsky, a writer for engadget.com, has written a very good article breaking down the new features of the iPhone 3GS and what differentiates it from the 3G. Check out the article here.


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