iPhone 3GS Battery Life Not Meeting Expectations

Brand new phone… not so brand new issues. Everyone who owns a cell phone knows that the battery life promoted by a cell phone manufacturer is rarely accurate. And not even Apple, the leader in cell phone manufacturers, can avoid this issue. The new iPhone 3GS was released last month and there has been an increasing number of users posting across the internet that the iPhone 3GS’ battery is just not living up to expectation

“My charge did not last from morning to evening with a very moderate usage of checking mails just 5 times in a day and 10 minutes of YouTube video. All this was on WiFi with 3G turned off,” says npshenoy2 on Apple’s support forums.

However, unlike the 3GS overheating issues recently reported last month, this lack of battery holding power does not appear to be a hardware issue. Daniel Nation, a writer for the Examiner, believes the issue is related to the 3.0 software update. Reports of overly short battery life surfaced when the 3.0 software update was released for iPhone 3G users two days prior to the iPhone 3GS launch. The culprit in the 3.0 update seems to be the Push Notifications feature which keeps an internet connection open at all times, draining the battery. To conserve energy, Push Notifications can be turned off from the Setting menu.

Apple is currently testing a 3.1 software update for the iPhone, so hopefully the battery life issues will be corrected with that update.

For those who are dealing with iPhone or iPod battery life issues, consider buying an extended life battery.


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