PDASmart.com – Your Source for iPod Parts & Repair Services

On the beach with iPodIt’s summertime… the time of year for long road trips and vacations at the beach. Getting to your destination is always great when going on vacation, but enjoying the trip there and back is a close second. And many of us have come to rely on our iPods to help pass the time. Now with the expanded capabilities of many of the iPod models…music, movies and games, an iPod would surely be missed on long trips. As you make your final plans for your trip to Disneyworld or your drive up the coast, make sure your iPod is working at its best. Does your battery not hold a charge like it used to? Or, maybe your audio port needs tweaking because your music cuts in and out 50 times during a 3:00 minute song. Visit pdasmart.com for reliable iPod parts and professional iPod repair services at an affordable price.


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