Video Footage of iPhone 3GS Being Dropped in Swimming Pool: Real or Fake?

It’s common knowledge that the iPhone 2G and iPhone 3GS are very prone to water damage.  There is a sensor inside the iPhone that changes from white to red when the iPhone has water damage.  And if that sensor changes color, your iPhone warranty is voided.  This sensor has proven to be very sensitive… in fact there have been instances where a sensor changed color because it was in a bathroom when someone was taking a hot shower.  The steam from the shower manages to make its way into the iPhone and voila, the iPhone is no longer under warranty.

With that said, there is a video that was posted on YouTube recently showing an iPhone 3GS user testing out the video capabilities of his new phone at the swimming pool before accidentally dropping it in the pool. He pulls the iPhone 3GS out of the pool with the video still rolling.  Hard to believe?  Check out the video below:

If this has ever happened to you and you weren’t so lucky with your iPhone, you can send your water damaged iPhone to PDASmart.  We’ll diagnose your iPhone to determine exactly which part(s) need replacing and get your iPhone back to you ASAP.


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