iPhone 3GS “too hot to handle”…literally

So, you bought a new iPhone 3GS and now you have the fastest phone on the market.  Well, you might possibly have the hottest phone on the market too. There have been growing complaints of these new iPhones becoming increasingly hot with every minute of usage. There have been reports that owners of the white version of the iPhone 3GS are claiming that the phone gets so hot that it cannot be held.  In fact some of the devices have started to change pinkish brown in color because of the heat.

Many complaints have been posted on the Apple customer support forum with many of the heat problems occurring while playing games, using the integrated GPS and wait for it… talking on the phone! One poster, Alan Ziegler, stated “I was on a call for 20 minutes and [the phone] was so uncomfortably hot, I had to put it on speaker.”

There has been no official comment yet from Apple regarding the complaints, but there is speculation that the overheating could be linked to a batch of potentially faulty batteries.

So, how cool is it to have the latest, greatest phone?  Apparently, not very.


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