iPhone 3G S – How fast is 3G S anyways?

The new iPhone 3G S is available for purchase and despite minimal new features, they have sold like hot cakes. In fact the Wall Street Journal has reported that the latest iPhone topped 1 million sales in its first weekend.

Gone are the days of cell phones being used strictly for conversation. These days, cell phones can play mp3s, send text messages and emails, take photos and videos, help you decide where to eat dinner, and surf the internet to name a few. Most people have gotten used to instant internet at home with cable and DSL services and now expect break neck speeds when surfing on their phone.

Prior to the announcement of the new 3G S, many people speculated that it was time for cell phones to take that warp speed leap to 4G.  And they thought Apple would lead the way with it’s newest iPhone. However, it looks like 4G speeds will have to wait a little longer as Apple decided to refrain from the leap and coin the term 3G S. So, how fast is 3G S?  How does the speed of the new iPhone 3G S compare to that of the iPhone 3G and its newest competitor, the Palm Pre?

Research was done by AnandTech that shows some surprising results. The iPhone 3G S traded blows with the Palm Pre in the web page rendering performance test with the 3G S besting the Pre in displaying six of the nine sites tested. Surprisingly though, the iPhone 3G S blew the iPhone 3G out of the water. It performed 122% faster than the 3G. It literally cut the time to display each page in half and then some. Check out the full article and chart showing side by side speed comparisons here.

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